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Hand Warmers

  • $9.99

These reusable gel hand warmers are perfect for the upcoming cold season. They are so simple to use and ridiculously cute! Just snap the button inside and wait a few seconds to let it heat up. After you have used it and the heat is gone, simply stick it in boiling water and wait for it to get soft again (about 5 min). Then save it for the next time you need it! It’s so quick and simple. They are perfect for everyone! You can use them for cold hands or feet, to keep you warm on a winter walk or even to relax a sore muscle. These hand warmers will save you money on disposables and will help keep you warm all the way through the winter!  The measurements are 10*12cm  and they stay warm (120 degrees F) for 1-3 hours. They are small and lightweight making them perfectly convenient for your every winter activity.

Instructions for use- click the metal disc inside the warmer and watch the gel solidify as it warms up.

To reuse- boil the hand warmer in water for 5-8 minutes or until the gel returns to its original clear liquid state. Remove from water and wait for it to cool down completely.

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