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Exercise Belts

  • $29.99

This hands-free belt is the solution for keeping your items secure while conveniently close at hand. The belt features two sleek, expandable zipper pouches that can hold your phone, keys, money, and snacks while still fitting snugly against your body to eliminate bouncing and shifting. These are perfect for everyone.  They are great for hiking, biking, jogging, going to fairs, riding carnival rides without worrying about losing anything, and taking your kids to the park.  They are adjustable and super stretchy, so would even be great for your kids during field trips or family vacations.  These also are excellent for keeping medications such as inhalers or epi pens in for convenient access.  These belts fit iphone 5 and similar sized phones, but not iphone 6 and similar sized phones.  Don’t miss out on this steal of a deal.  At this price, you can get one for your whole family!

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